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Opie- Sire
Chloe- Dam

Lily is a first generation (F1) Irish doodle, the first puppy I kept back from one of my Opie x Chloe litters. She is half Irish setter and half standard sized red poodle. She weighs 50 pounds.  She is a beautiful dark red in color with wavy red hair and a loving, exuberant disposition. Lily Loves to explore the dog trail on my little farm. Lily's birthday is 04/22/2021. Lily's genetic testing information can be found 


Lily's preliminary OFA report found she is not at risk for developing hip or elbow dysplasia. (See Below)

SONJA JENSEN 2023-01-19 LILY1024_2.jpg
SONJA JENSEN 2023-01-19 LILY1024_1.jpg
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