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Welcome to Max's page!
Maximus is a miniature red poodle owned by Crimson Curls Poodles and Doodles Ft Wayne, Indiana

(Thank you Crimson curls for the content of this page!)

Maximus is an AKC/CKC registered toy poodle. He’s a tiny 7 lb bundle of amazingness who's excellent not just on paper but in person too! Max has a rich red mahogany coat with a splash of Parti on his chest. His coat is thick, soft and plush. He has a healthy structure, and a temperament that's guaranteed to steal your heart. He's proven himself as an exceptional stud dog with many healthy litters that average 8-10 puppies.

He has passed and has his OFA health clearances on the following:


                                                                             Heart: Normal
                                                                             Hips: Excellent (Top 10 % for breed)
                                                                             Elbows: Normal 


He has been genetically DNA tested and found FULLY clear of (which are common diseases found in poodles):


                                                                             Von Willebrands
                                                                             Degenerative myelopathy
                                                                             Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia
                                                                             Osteochondrodysplasia/Skeletal Dwarfism


All of the above can be verified through the OFA website.


  His coat traits are as follows:

E Locus - ee
B Locus - BB
D Locus - DD
K Locus - Kbky
A Locus - atat
Furnishings - FF

He comes from a long line of poodles with a history of excellent health ratings. He loves people, loves to cuddle, and loves playing with his toys (he's actually really good at playing soccer)!​

For Maximus'  Health clearances, click here: 

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